Done right.

We don't just design interiors.

We help turn ideas into concepts, and concepts into homes. By working directly with suppliers, our service enables professional clients and private individuals to realize apartments, co-living spaces and holiday homes quickly, creatively and efficiently. From design to planning, logistics to execution, we're a full-service interior design provider.

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Our Clients include:

Real-estate companies.
Hotels and vacation properties.

Private renters and home owners.

Interior designers.

Investment projects.

Architecture studios.

Why Barrie Interior Solutions?

Personalized & reliable service.

Direct working relationship with suppliers.

Comprehensive planning, logistics and execution.

Efficient, responsible project management.

Expert team with broad range of technical abilities.

Original concepts with seamless implementation.

Based in the heart of Berlin, our expert team has years of experience in designing interiors for hotels, apartments and homes. We pride ourselves not only in catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and styles, but in satisfying client demands and needs both on time and on budget.

Our highly skilled professionals complete projects that scale from single-room suites to whole hotels. With a drive to help clients realize a finished project that's true to their vision, we offer a holistic approach to interiors that delivers comfortable and immersive living spaces.

Our Clients:

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